Telepsychology sessions available via Zoom, Skype, & phone to BC residents.

My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, healing environment for individuals and couples in which, together, we can Energetically co-create the changes you wish to make.

I also have special expertise in working with:

  • Women’s issues
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Individuals & Couples
  • Individuals who are highly intuitive/psychically gifted.
  • Individuals undergoing a spiritual awakening/emergence.
  • Individuals with trauma-based symptoms (e.g. PTSD, Dissociation, or a history of childhood sexual abuse).
Are You A Good Candidate for ESM Therapy?

Ideally, everyone possesses the potential to benefit from ESM. It simply requires an attitude of Openness and Intent.

It is not the nature of the problem you bring in which determines whether you would be a good fit for ESM therapy. Rather, it’s the nature of your motivation for Self-Change.

Given this, you are a strong candidate for ESM if you agree with one or more of the following statements

  • You are familiar with and fully embrace the concept that we are “Energy Beings” and as such, know that deep healing can happen quickly on an Energetic Level.
  • You are open to the concept of Energy Healing and are curious enough to give it a try.
  • You are willing to embrace a philosophy which emphasizes your accountability and role as a Creator.
  • You have a Strong Intent to Heal and are willing to do whatever it takes.

In Individual Therapy, I Can Help You Get Results with Any of the Following Problems:

  • Feeling as if you are at the breaking point with an overload of stress and tension.
  • Struggling with an eating disorder, your weight, or body image issues.
  • Being plagued by obsessive thoughts, intense fears, chronic worry, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Feeling repeatedly “triggered” into feelings of hurt, anger or fear when your partner or others say or do something.
  • Feeling “down” a lot or suffering from depression.
  • Worried if your relationship is the right one, or if it’s going to last.
  • Feeling burdened by the effects of unresolved trauma or emotional, physical or sexual abuse in your past.
  • Tired of having unfulfilling or painful relationships where you feel trapped in the same patterns over and over.
  • Feeling unhappy about who you are, struggling with low-self esteem.
  • Disappointed with “talk therapy” as it hasn’t brought you the results you wanted.
How You Can Benefit from ESM Therapy:

You can permanently eliminate any of the above struggles with ESM. All you need is the willingness and intent to heal and have a better life….

  • You’ll feel more “integrated”, “grounded” and “Whole”.
  • Life’s obstacles no longer get you down. Life seems easier and you experience more peace of mind.
  • You’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges that relationships and
    life can bring.
  • You’ll get clearer about the life you wish to create for yourself and make much wiser choices.
  • You’ll make better relationship choices.
  • You’ll have more Self-acceptance, Self-compassion and Self-love.
  • You’ll feel a greater sense of joy, vitality and zest for life.
  • You’ll be more Self-aware and Self-confident about yourself and your ability to handle challenges.

After ESM Therapy you’ll feel excited as you move forward in a life full of new possibilities.

In Couples Therapy, I Can Help You Get Results if You Have Any of the Following Problems:


  • Your relationship is fraught with conflict that never gets resolved.
  • You and/or your partner are unsure whether or not you wish to continue sharing your lives together.
  • You and your partner hardly communicate lovingly anymore.
  • You do not trust your partner, or you partner doesn’t trust you.
  • You don’t feel listened to, or heard by your partner.
  • You feel alone in your relationship.
  • Either you, or your partner has had, or is on the verge of having, an affair.
  • You and your partner rarely have any fun together anymore.

After Couples Therapy, You and Your Partner Will Feel More Connected to one Another and Feel More Fulfilled in Your Relationship.

How You Can Benefit from Couples Therapy:


  • You will feel closer and more connected to your partner.
  • Conflicts will be resolved more easily and quickly.
  • You’ll communicate better and feel heard and understood.
  • Your relationship will have a stronger sense of meaning and purpose.
  • You’ll trust each other more.
  • You’ll laugh together and enjoy one another more.
  • You will feel clearer as to whether or not you are both committed to this relationship or need to say “goodbye”.
  • You’ll be equipped to handle future challenges in your relationship.

Couples Therapy Will Strengthen Your Relationship, Making it More Secure and Resilient to Any Future issues.

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