• Hello Everyone!

    Today’s topic was inspired by a question a client asked me recently.

    She wanted to know why her early sessions with me, working with the Energy, had left her feeling lighter and more peaceful for several days afterward, only to find herself feeling heavy and sad during the day following a more recent session. Her question can be broadened to ask why on our healing journeys, in general, we can feel so good at times and not at others.

    This is because the goal of the healing process is to “meet ourselves in our pain”, i.e. to bring up for ourselves painful memories, feelings and sensations which we can then consciously acknowledge as part of the process of letting them go. In the energetic portion of ESM, the Energy brings up for our benefit, the experiences, sensations and feelings which we need to address and let go for the purpose of our healing so that we can move forward in our lives. If we should resist (consciously or unconsciously) addressing this information when it comes up or if we have not finished processing such information in a session, it continues to present itself, often in the form of feelings, so that we can process it and let it go.

    So, it is important that we not look upon feelings of sadness, anger and heaviness, etc. as a lack of progress or even regression on our healing journey. Rather, they represent a sign that we have feelings we need to acknowledge and, perhaps, sit with for awhile. This is also the case for feelings wherein we don’t know where they came from or what caused them. By sitting with such feelings we may find ourselves better able to put words to them.

    As we learn to “meet ourselves in our pain” rather than to avoid or distract ourselves with all the things we think that we need to be doing, we will find that the process becomes easier and easier. The feelings and sensations will pass and we will become lighter in spirit. We will find ourselves less vulnerable to being triggered by the words or behaviours of another and, thus, better able to stay in a place of peace and balance.

    Until next time, all the best to each of us on our respective healing journeys.

    I welcome any questions, comments or sharing on the above.