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Below are some examples of client comments about their experience working with me in ESM therapy.

Through learning how to access and listen to my "Inner Child" Gayle taught me how to identify and assert my needs. As a result, I no longer feel so angry and depressed all the time. I like myself better!

- D.M.

I appreciated Dr. Way's well-timed observations, insights and questions - and even occasional directives! - which so often served to clarify issues for me.

- H.F.

I knew I was in the middle of a breakdown and that I desperately needed help. My life had come crashing down around me and I lost all ability to cope. I turned to the Internet… As I kept narrowing my search parameters the name, Dr. Gayle Way kept appearing. I took a closer look at her site.

I was impressed with her list of accomplishments, her areas of expertise, and the various methods of therapy that she used. However, what drew my attention the most was her work with Energetic Self-Manifestation (ESM). I was both extremely skeptical and extremely curious at the same time. I came out of the left brain corporate world and thought that this was probably just a bunch of... well, you know… Yet, in the end, it was exactly why I chose to see Gayle.

In my first hour session, I knew that Gayle was the doctor for me. However, it took significantly longer for me to let go of my skepticism about ESM. As I let go though, I began to notice small things. A sensation of heat… A subtle relaxing of my body... Ideas and answers that seemed to come more readily to me when Gayle was running the energy... A feeling of being totally connected... I wanted more.

As my awareness of what was happening to me grew, I realized that my world did not have to crash down around me. It just needed to change. With Gayle's guidance, I began to understand how the energy works, what it was doing for me and what it could do for me. Every step I took in the direction of wholeness, a whole new world opened up to me. It was new, exciting and fresh. I never looked back.

- K.L.

Gayle's ability to be so totally emotionally present throughout every session contributed to my feeling both understood and cared about. Her compassion helped put me in touch with my own compassion.

- W.V.

From the first visit at Gayle’s therapy office I had the feeling of safety. Her personality was warm and inviting. One of the things that impressed me about her was her ability to work outside the box. She left room for growth, change and being human (which was not allowed in my world). She helped me go to where I needed to go in order to heal as well as gave me the time to do it. Gayle supported me in speaking and living my truth.

I suffered from a dissociative disorder and trust was a huge issue for me. With Gayle's help, I learned how to trust others again. But more importantly, she helped me get to a place of trusting myself. I began to see the beauty within and to access my ability to share it.

- A.A.

My therapy with Dr. Way served to validate my needs and concerns. I feel that I left therapy having regained my confidence and having acquired some useful "tools" with which to continue on my path of self-discovery and growth. Rather than feel defeated, I am now able to take pleasure in all my daily challenges.

- R.K.

The body remembers

Imagine my own body holding me in my grief.

I know there is a cellular memory to my pain and grief; a memory that I believe could only be addressed through energy therapy.

“What do you want the energy to help you with today?”
- A question from Gayle that became my refrain.

Often my answer was: “I want to ask for continued support with grounding. I want to know ‘in my body’ that my path is headed in the right direction.”

The energy allowed me to acknowledge and move through the fear that was holding me in an unhealthy, ungrounded place. The energy works in a way that allows me to feel where my true fear lies. This sounds odd, but I knew when I was headed into fear on Gayle's table when my head started to spin and I saw an entire range of colors. Then I knew we were at the heart of the matter.

For many years my emotions haven't been expressed or were inappropriately expressed, and unable to flow freely through the paths of my own internal energy system. I came to Gayle partially because several of these pathways have been blocked for over 15 years.

Without the help of the energy to dig up the weight of these emotions and move through these blocked systems, I never would have become the whole self I see every day.

I am, like that puppy, excited and joyous to meet the day and all the intricacies it will bring. Working with the energy has allowed me to move through fear and open my body to a heightened awareness of what effect certain (repressed and expressed) emotions are having on me. I believe nothing else would have worked; it was talk therapy in combination with the healing energy that allowed me to get at my grief trapped in my body and release it. I am so grateful for Gayle.

- G.B.

Over the course of a number of visits to see "Auntie Gayle and Diane" I noticed changes in Ruby's (my dog, a 5 year old Duck Toller cross) settling in to receiving of the energy. I wasn't really sure what she was experiencing, but I was noticing that she was settling in to her visit quite a bit more readily, sitting near Gayle and relaxing completely and quickly. She also was quite keen to jump into the car at the mere mention of 'lets go see Auntie Gayle'.

While Ruby was receiving her treatment there were times when I had arrived with either a headache or back pain and started to notice that (despite my non-involvement) I too was leaving feeling a very calm and relaxed state. I noticed that I slept quite soundly on nights we had been for Ruby's ESM sessions.

I wanted to understand what Ruby was feeling and Gayle offered to let me experience the energy by lying on the table. I was not sure what to expect, but it was obvious that Ruby was experiencing "something" and my curiosity outweighed my inherent skepticism. At first I think I was scanning my body for any sign of an odd feeling or sensation, so I couldn't really relax at all. While I recall leaving relaxed and sleepy and calm, I thought I had 'done it wrong' because I had felt all those things from sitting nearby Ruby while she received her energy.

On the second or third session, I was able to just give in and not think about what I did or didn't feel. I could sense the rustle of Gayle's hands moving over and around, but was able to just be open, still, and not concentrate on any one thing.

During this time I began to feel a 'pulling' of my lower back (a source of recent and regular pain) towards the table. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable - just a pull. The pulling became stronger to the point where I thought I would need to hold to the sides of the table to keep from tipping. I remember telling myself to "just go with it" and rather than focus on the feeling, just to let it happen and be open to the experience. It was odd, interesting, and pain releasing all at the same time.

On another visit, both Gayle and Diane were at opposite ends of the table. I relaxed and did my best to clear my mind of any specific thoughts, (which in it of itself is sometimes a great challenge). The picture of the sky, full of clouds came into my head – like the picture of the sky you see from above when you're in an airplane. The sky was a golden yellow and the clouds were silver, something like you'd see after a storm or towards the end of a stormy day.

I don't know what this meant (or means), but I remember it was a very vivid picture. During this same time I saw the picture of a beet. It had its roots at the bottom, was a rich burgundy colour bulb and had long stems leading up to its leafy tops. The leaves of the tops were deep green with the same burgundy veins running through them. It was quite possibly the most detailed image or picture I had seen and I was stunned by the detail I could describe (both then and now as I can still see it in my mind's eye).

I have absolutely no idea what these two images mean, and I remember feeling like a bit of an idiot for not having something more profound and meaningful to report of my experience. Still, there is something in me that says, “I will see both those pictures again, and when I do, I will recognize them immediately.”

If I could tell anyone what to expect or do with regards to receiving the energy, I could only say to be open to it. Don't hold any expectations, but relax and let go and let whatever may happen, happen. Find a way to be a blank, still canvas for whatever might present itself. Maybe the sheer act of un-cluttering your mind and being open to something new is a therapy in itself.

Ruby continues to do well in her demeanor. I run energy with her at least once a week for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I will feel a tingling in my fingers, or sometimes a fullness - almost like a magnetic field, or other times I feel nothing specific, but I know from my conversations with Gayle and Diane that it doesn't mean the energy is not flowing or doing its good.

I have noticed that Ruby now seeks out the company of other dogs, whereas she didn’t before. I think she is more sociable towards her 'human pack' and is a real love-bug at times offering licks and snuggles, something which was out of character for her in the past. We continue with her medical regime as well, and hope we've found a balance that will keep her happy and healthy for many more years.

I think I have a deeper connection to Ruby now, perhaps from my being home and spending more time with her, but I think more so in the giving and receiving of energy. I can't quite describe this connection in words other than just that - a connection.

- H.Y.

Gayle's relaxed manner, warmth and sense of humour helped me to feel comfortable with her right away. This made it easier for me to talk about some very difficult and painful subjects.

- J.K.

I lie on the table and close my eyes. The room is silent except for the sound of Gayle's clothing as it rustles with the movement of her arms. I feel the air over me move ever so slightly in time with her. I settle further into my body and wait. My mind forms the intention of the work I want to accomplish with the energy. Within seconds I feel the heat, the heaviness and the stillness in and around me as the Energy enters and fills my being. My skin and insides ripple and undulate as the energy flows through me. My body relaxes further and my mind slows, yet every nerve and neuron is alert and in the present moment ready to accept the gifts the energy brings to me.
This is the most amazing experience I have ever had.

- J.M.

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