Telepsychology sessions available via Zoom, Skype, & phone to BC residents.

If you are ready to take the first step towards investing in improving your life, you can book your appointment, here.

You also have the option of booking a complimentary, 15-20 minute, no obligation telepsychology consultation where we can assess how I can best help you.


What is your cancellation policy?

In the event that you are unable to attend an appointment, I would appreciate as much notice as possible, preferably at least 48 hours, so that I am able to offer your session to another individual. If you cancel a therapy session with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged ½ the fee for the session. If you miss an appointment, without notification, I am left awaiting your arrival throughout the hour and, thus, you will be charged the regular fee for the missed session. I believe that it benefits you in your therapeutic process to look upon the time and money you commit as a form of Self-Investment. Thus, my fee is your Self-Investment Fee. I strive to make the therapy process as effective and efficient as possible. This is particularly the case with ESM, which has been observed to accelerate the self-change process. It is my belief that the changes in your life brought about by this type of therapy pay huge dividends in terms of the financial investment. More specifically, therapeutic self-investment, more than any other type of investment, leads to the potential for increased life happiness and life satisfaction.

What is your fee?

Fee for Individual Therapy: My fee is currently $225 per 60 minute session. Most individual therapy clients benefit from a 90 minute session (for a reduced rate of $250) which allows for more time for both discussion and Energy Work. My fees compare favourably with the fee guidelines of the British Columbia Psychological Association which recommends $225 for a 50 minute therapy hour.
Fee for Couples Therapy: I generally see couples for 90 minute sessions, which allows for deeper work wherein new skills can be practiced and both voices can be fully heard. The fee for a 90-minute couples session is $250. Additional time, if warranted, is pro-rated in 15 minute units.
Healthcare Insurance: You may be covered by an extended benefits plan. My fees are tax deductible under the medical portion of one’s income tax. My fees are exempt from GST.
Payment Methods: I accept cheques, cash and E-Transfer from on-line banking. I do not accept credit or debit cards.

How confidential is what I say to you in therapy?

I take the issue of client confidentiality very seriously. I keep all information shared with me confidential, unless I am given your written authorization to do otherwise. The only exception would be a situation in which I had reason to believe that you might pose a threat to yourself or another person.

You say you are a feminist therapist. Does that mean you don’t work with men?

On the contrary, I enjoy working with men as they constitute a significant portion of my caseload. Moreover, because of my knowledge of the gender differences between the psychological development, socialization and, thus, life experiences of men and women, I have found my orientation as a “feminist therapist” to be well-received and effective in my therapeutic work with male clients.

How will I feel after an ESM therapy session?

Most clients report feeling one or more of the following after a therapy session: Lighter, calm/peaceful, relaxed, and euphoric. Occasionally, if someone has experienced resistance to feeling the feelings that may come up during the therapy session, a temporary headache may be experienced, which disappears once the session ends.

How does ESM work in couples therapy?

How does ESM work in individual therapy?

Do I have to lie down to do ESM?

Lying down on the Energy table represents a type of “surrender” to the process, which enables the development of a fuller body awareness of what is happening. If you are reluctant to lie down, it suggests that you are not fully open to the process. which in turn, interferes with healing and self-change. If you don’t feel comfortable lying on the energy table, it is best that you seek assistance with another therapist until you are more open and ready for ESM.

I’m not comfortable doing “Energy therapy”. Can we just do talk therapy?

I am willing to offer 2 or 3 “talking only” sessions for you to become comfortable with me. However, if you remain uneasy about trying “Energy therapy”, I believe it best for both of us if I refer you to a skilled therapist offering more traditional “talk therapy” which is within your comfort level.

Is ESM really as effective as you say it is?

Yes, if you are very clear in your desire for change and make therapy a high priority, in terms of the time and commitment involved, success is virtually guaranteed. However, if you struggle with your commitment to therapy (i.e. your level of Intent,) attend irregularly and give little thought to your process in between sessions etc., you likely won’t achieve the success you hoped for. In such instances, your fear of change or self-limiting beliefs about the efficacy of what you are doing can interfere with your progress.

What is the length of therapy sessions?

Individual therapy sessions are most often 60 to 90 minutes in duration. We can discuss the best
length when you book your first therapy appointment. Couples therapy sessions are most
often 90 minutes in duration. However, some couples benefit from longer (e.g. 2 hour) sessions.

How long will therapy take?

The length of therapy depends on the nature of change/healing desired and how complex or deeply entrenched your problems may be. I offer short-term, solution-focused therapy to individuals who have experienced a “bump in the road” and wish to eliminate a symptom and/or improve their functioning in one area of their lives. If this is the case, you may only require 1 or 2 sessions. I offer longer-term “transformative” therapy to individuals who seek deeper, more comprehensive change. If you seek to change a more chronic, deeply conditioned behavioural pattern, it may require 8 – 20 sessions, and sometimes longer. In most cases, if you do not begin to experience change in the first handful of sessions, ESM may not be the therapy of choice for you. If you do not start seeing improvements within these first sessions, together we can assess if you might achieve better success with another modality of therapy with another therapist.

How long does it take to get a therapy appointment with you?

Depending upon your flexibility and level of need, an initial appointment can usually be scheduled within one to two weeks and, sometimes, within a day or two. If you are clearly in need of more immediate assistance, I will try my best to meet with you within 24 hours. Contact me to find out about my current availability.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to see you?

No, you are welcome to contact me yourself. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to inform your doctor that you are seeing me.

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