• Fee for Individual Therapy: My fee is currently $225 per 60 minute session. Most individual therapy clients benefit from a 90 minute session (for a reduced rate of $250) which allows for more time for both discussion and Energy Work. My fees compare favourably with the fee guidelines of the British Columbia Psychological Association which recommends $225 for a 50 minute therapy hour.
    Fee for Couples Therapy: I generally see couples for 90 minute sessions, which allows for deeper work wherein new skills can be practiced and both voices can be fully heard. The fee for a 90-minute couples session is $250. Additional time, if warranted, is pro-rated in 15 minute units.
    Healthcare Insurance: You may be covered by an extended benefits plan. My fees are tax deductible under the medical portion of one’s income tax. My fees are exempt from GST.
    Payment Methods: I accept cheques, cash and E-Transfer from on-line banking. I do not accept credit or debit cards.