• Depression grows out of a resistance to feeling. It involves the suppression of our feelings. Active suppression of our feelings creates rage.

    As soon as we begin to deny our feelings, which represents a lack of acknowledgement of Our Truth in that moment, we are setting up the foundation for the development of anxiety and/or depression. When we suppress we tend to look for other forms of distraction. Through suppression and distraction the Self-expression of Our Truth is cut-off, watered down or minimized.

    As a result, some of us give up. We develop feelings of “no hope” and thoughts of “It’s pointless, There is no point in trying”. For others, active suppression creates rage. We get angry when something doesn’t feel right. That is why help to get in touch with our anger can begin to lift or dissolve the depression. Getting in touch with and understanding why we are angry relieves the depression because it brings acknowledgement of that suppressed Inner Dialogue. It gives expression to our experience which, in turn, provides our validation. We are being seen and heard.

    So, if and when we are depressed we need to be aware of the role of anger in both creating and alleviating our depression.

    Increasing recognition of our anger creates the opportunity for us to become aware of other feelings beneath the anger so that these feelings can be processed and we can begin to express our truth.

    If we are feeling hopeless we need to understand that such feelings arise when our feelings of anger are ignored and our expression of our truth continues to be cut-off and minimized. Basically, the more suppression, the more stuck and hopeless we will feel. In order to move forwards we need to begin to express our anger constructively by finding words in our feelings. We need to utilize the process of Inner Dialogue as a means to listening to words in our feelings.

    If we have difficulty identifying words (i.e. thoughts) in our feelings, resistance of a conscious or unconscious nature may be operating. At such times the Vibrational Energy Medicine Component of ESM can be directed toward helping us become more relaxed. This will enable some of our fear, which is contributing to the resistance, to be eliminated as trust in ones Self, the ESM process and ones’ therapist is strengthened.

    I look forward to your questions and comments regarding the foregoing perspective on Depression.

    Bye for now,