Are You Seeking Profound and Lasting Change?

Introducing Energetic Self-Manifestation (ESM), a blend of talk therapy and Vibrational Energy Medicine which brings about healing on all levels: physical, psychological, mental and spiritual.

ESM is a cutting edge and highly effective method of therapy for individuals and couples:

  • Who suffer from problems, which never seem to get resolved.
  • Who want to heal the “root cause” of their issues/symptoms.
  • Who are committed to doing what it takes to create a better life.

ESM Promotes Gentle and Permanent Healing.

  • ESM is a gentle, client-driven approach that reprograms your subconscious mind to remove the root cause of your pain.
  • ESM facilitates the healing of even the most challenging problems –addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma and painful relationship patterns.
  • ESM facilitates profound healing on a deep psychological, mental, physical and spiritual level.
  • ESM facilitates healing using your own Inner Wisdom, never taking you deeper than you are ready to go.
  • ESM facilitates the healing of deep trauma material while helping you feel calm and centered at the end of each session. It is not necessary to revisit every detail of your past.
  • ESM promotes lasting change. There is no “honeymoon effect”. You can completely rid yourself of old destructive patterns.
  • Meeting Ourselves In Our Pain – August 8, 2014

    Hello Everyone! Today’s topic was inspired by a question a client asked me recently. She wanted to know why her early sessions with me, working with the Energy, had left her feeling lighter and more peaceful for several days afterward, only to find herself feeling heavy and sad during the day following a more recent…

  • Depression from the ESM Perspective: Part 2

    Depression grows out of a resistance to feeling. It involves the suppression of our feelings. Active suppression of our feelings creates rage. As soon as we begin to deny our feelings, which represents a lack of acknowledgement of Our Truth in that moment, we are setting up the foundation for the development of anxiety and/or…