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ESM is a Highly Effective Therapy That Blends Counselling with Vibrational Energy Medicine.
Its Goal is to Identify and Eliminate the Cause of Your Psychological Problems

ESM is a comprehensive philosophy and treatment approach for individuals who wish to deepen their self-awareness and to acquire effective tools for creating deep and lasting self-change.

ESM is considered a curative approach in that the focus is on permanent relief of the problem rather than simply learning to manage or control it.

On both a personal and professional level, my experience has shown me that ESM offers the deepest and most comprehensive changes to oneself and the way one relates to the world than any therapy I have come across.

Core Tenets of ESM Therapy
  • ESM is about the Energetic Impact of Beliefs and the Relationship with Self.
  • ESM holds that in order to change and heal, our beliefs need to come from a place of Innate Wholeness, rather than a place of fear, which never serves us.
  • ESM facilitates healing using our Inner Wisdom, which never takes us deeper than we are ready to go.
  • ESM holds that we are each responsible for learning to own and meet our unmet needs from childhood and elsewhere.
  • As an energy based therapy, ESM holds that Energy is Love. As such, it provides an automatically “safe” haven for processing even very distressing traumatic material.
  • Finally, with ESM there is no “honeymoon” effect.  The changes you make are lasting.
  • The sentiment behind ESM is that first I have to be O.K. with myself or I’ll never be OK with anyone else.
  • For couples, the more real the truth, “We Are Love” becomes for each individual in a relationship, the easier it is to “give and receive.”

Many clients report feeling “cocooned” by the Energy during the session, and calm and centred at the end of the session.
This course of events is so reliable that it has become a promise that we are able to give to clients who may need to revisit and process even severe experiences of trauma.

Benefits of ESM Therapy
  • ESM allows you to see yourself more clearly which increases your Self-love, thus supporting you in making healthier life choices.
  • ESM is a transformative process: it can change your life dramatically.
  • ESM helps you become more Self-realized, accountable and productive.
  • ESM creates hope that you likely haven’t felt before.
  • ESM helps you change from your core outwards—working directly upon your foundational issues.
ESM Benefits Specific to Couples Therapy
  • In ESM Couples Therapy, each of you is treated as a separate individual, ensuring your individual needs and desires are met and are not sacrificed “for” the relationship.
  • ESM helps solidify trust in your relationship by making sure you and your partner trust yourselves first by following your own Internal Guidance System.
  • ESM gives both you and your partner a voice in couples therapy and supports you each in listening to one another so that you can communicate more effectively.

While the effects of embracing yourself as Energy are subtle, the changes are profound.

Why Does ESM Work So Well, When Other Therapies Have Limitations?

Some of the most utilized and “empirically validated” therapy methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are limited in their effectiveness with too many people. This is because they largely deal with the conscious mind. And yet…

Our Most Troublesome Problems Are Rooted in Our Subconscious Mind…

In order to eliminate our most tenacious, self-defeating and addictive behaviours, we need to heal them at their origin in our Powerful Subconscious Mind.

ESM is a gentle, comprehensive and client-driven approach, which reprograms your subconscious mind by replacing Self-limiting beliefs with more life enhancing beliefs.

ESM is also a powerful Mindfulness Tool, which in helping you to connect to the present moment, reduces stress while promoting more joy, love, creativity and play.

The Results of ESM Therapy Speak for Themselves

The reason I remain so passionate about ESM is the day-to-day results I see with my clients…

I have witnessed clients who have gone from a life long struggle of pain and unhappiness to experiencing joy for the very first time. Years of stress, depression and anxiety disappear. My clients tell me they feel stronger, more Whole and integrated in a way they never felt before.

Thus, while ESM has yet to undergo rigorous empirical testing, clinical observation and client self-report on a case-by-case basis reveal consistently positive outcomes in the treatment of a wide variety of emotional and psychological issues including deep-seated trauma symptoms.

If you are looking for profound and lasting relief from your distress Contact me now to book your appointment.